Properties We Buy

TTE Properties makes it easy to sell a property, Fair Negotiating, Fair Price, Quick Settlement.

If The Deal’s Right, “Yes” We Buy Property

We Can Also Assist You In Buying or Selling Property Through Conventional Methods Including Listing The Property or Public Auction.

We’re Problem Solvers – We specialize in finding creative solutions to Real Estate problems others won’t touch.

WE BUY – If your property is in perfect shape, needs repairs, is vacant, rented or neglected. We have a fast and easy process and offer quick settlement options.

NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS are associated with our purchase.

We can pay All Cash, Take Over Payments, Or Lease Purchase Your House Quickly!!

  • Commercial – Restaurants, Warehouses, Storefronts, Lots, Commercial Acreage, Non-conforming properties, Rented or Vacant, Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, Gas Stations, Any Area, Any Price or Location. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Land – Any Area, Any Kind, Single Lots, Farm Land, Waterfront Lots, Acreage, Vacant City Lots, Or Entire Subdivisions (record ready, record plat or undeveloped or in engineering process), no water, no sewage, non-conforming…no problem. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Farms – Any type of farm in any location or condition, raw land, wet-land, with houses, out buildings, easements, land locked, mountain, streams. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Waterfront Property – Any Type Of Water; lake, ocean, river or your backyard oasis. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Income producing real estate – Apartment houses, Multi-Unit Properties (2 or more Units), Assisted Living Homes, Boarding Houses, Packages of single family houses or mixed use income producing properties, any type or condition. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Non-Conforming properties – Survey issues, mixed use properties, shared access, specialty non-conforming, hill side, mountain, rocky, forested or clear; will accept existing leases and tenants. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Residential – Houses, vacant or occupied, no equity, any condition. “WE BUY”, houses, apartment buildings, vacant or with delinquent or troubled tenants, will buy with violations, lead paint, asbestos or in need of repairs, damaged, in mortgage or with a tax lien, We Purchase All The Time In “AS IS” condition. Will purchase all or part interest. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Corporation or business properties – Will analyze and evaluate corporation or business real estate. Will purchase or liquidate all or part of the assets or equity. We Pay Referral Fees
  • Estates – Entire estates with chattels or individual interest. We Pay Referral Fees


  • We handle all the paperwork to create Win-Win Solutions for all our customers.
  • We have The Team Edge – Attorneys, Title Agents, Lenders, Repair Contractors, Inspectors all in place to move your transaction quickly along . Whether we’re Buying or Selling a Property.
  • You’ll get a simple no hassle closing. As we have strict standards and strong professional values.

To get started, fill out this form to the best of your knowledge, so that we may assess your situation and begin developing appropriate solutions to help you sell your property. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We’ll pass this information along to one of our Buyers who has extensive experience helping people who need to sell a property quickly. You will receive a response within 1-3 business days of submission of this form.