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3 Red Flags You Must Notice When Buying or Selling a Home

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When you are selling a home, a strong odor is the first thing a potential buyer will notice. Funky smells can be a sign of mildew, mold or a result of animals.

When you are buying a home, you want to be as informed as possible about the true and honest condition of the property. Likewise, when you are selling a home, you should be as informed as possible about the condition of your property and any problem areas that might deter an inspection or potential buyer. Let�s talk about red flags to look for that may prevent you from selling your home. Buyers: PAY ATTENTION.

Remember: If you are trying to sell a home with these problems but can�t afford repairs, The Team Edge is happy to buy your home in its current condition!

Funky Smell

You may be seemingly immune to a funky odor in your home, but a potential buyer will notice it immediately and won�t be able to forget it. Musty odors are a cause for concern because they can signify mildew and in some cases, even mold (which can be deadly). Whatever the source of the smell is (damp carpet, wet ceiling/bathroom tiles), it is important to eliminate it immediately by removing the materials. In some cases, professional mold removal may be necessary. A dehumidifier can also assist in airing out damp parts of your home.

The more common reason for a funky smell overwhelming a home is, you guessed it – animals. If you are selling your home, do your best to relocate your pets and their toys/bedding/litter pans temporarily to eliminate this problem. It is a quick turnoff for potential buyers, especially ones without animals of their own who have allergies.

Expanding Cracks in The Foundation

If you have a small, hairline crack in your foundation, it is probably not a major red flag. However, cracks wider than 3/16 of an inch can signify major trouble, especially if you notice them worsening. Expanding cracks require immediate attention from a structural engineer, and get costlier the longer you wait.

Bouncy Bathroom Floors

If you or a potential buyer walk into a bathroom and the floor area seems bouncy, this is a red flag. Bouncing bathroom floors signify hidden water damage (common sources: leaky shower pan, running toilet). Don�t put fixing this problem off in hopes that it will go unmentioned, because home inspectors are trained to take notice and require repair.

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