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Why Aren’t You Getting Tenants For Your Rental Property?


Finding the right tenants is always a hassle, and this doesn�t really come up in conversations when you�re starting to rent out property.

It seems like such a good idea–renting out that extra space or property in order to make more money. �However, this isn�t an idea you can rely on. �Finding the right tenants is always a hassle, and this doesn�t really come up in conversations when you�re starting to rent out property. �Putting aside all the annoying paperwork and funds it will take to start renting, you could run into the issue of having no tenants at all! �If you don�t have customers who are looking to pay rent, you could be having a few of these very common issues.

High Prices

Even if you�re charging the bare minimum, you might still be marking the price too high. �Oftentimes, people equate surroundings and amenities with quality. �Why would someone pay your rent if they can get a fitness center and a pool with their apartment, where they pay the exact same price? �Odds are, if you�re struggling for cash, you can�t provide your tenants with many luxuries. �High prices can drive away tenants quickly.

Poor Advertising

If you need immediate funds from renting out your property, you probably don�t have the ability to advertise to the fullest extent. �If you don�t advertise, you won�t have clients. �It�s as simple as that. �Online listings are not enough to draw in tenants, especially when you have no amenities. �You may get a few offers, but more often than not, these tenants won�t be great choices. �Checking someone�s credit is a very important part of renting out a property and getting paid on time. �Chances are, an online listing is going to draw people who can�t find property to rent due to their poor credit.

You Don�t Have Time

When you decide to be a landlord, it�s a full time job. �You need to be available at all times to answer phone calls and emails, and you need to conduct property tours. �You can�t charge for this extra time, and if you can�t answer potential tenants while you�re at work, you�re going to lose them very quickly. �It�s an extreme risk to drop everything to become a landlord. �It�s better to sell your property instead, and The Team Edge can take it off your hands.

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