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3 Warning Signs Buyers Are Using to Judge Your Home

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While prospective homebuyers are always looking for the positive, they are also always looking for the negative.

When people come to visit your home and decide whether or not they could see themselves living there, they love to see beautiful bathrooms, gorgeous open kitchens, and the charming garden you planted out back. While prospective homebuyers are always looking for the positive, they are also always looking for the negative. Here are three of the top warning signs that buyers are using to judge your home.

They Check the Roof

Issues with the roof don�t just mean issues with the roof, they mean potential mold and mildew issues throughout the home, pests and insects entering, and potentially unsafe situations during storms and weather events. The roof of your home is a good indicator of the health of your home to buyers, so make sure that your roof is well-maintained before putting it on the market. Is your roof sagging between the joists? You might need an entirely new roof-something a new homeowner definitely doesn�t want to pay for! Be prepared for buyers to ask how old your roof is and how many layers are there.

They Check the Basement

Basements are another good indicator of home health. If basements smell damp or musty, prospective home buyers see it as a huge warning sign. Dehumidifiers present during a walkthrough or open house are another sign that something isn�t right, as they are definitely not visually appealing. If your basement has a musty smell, get it checked out before putting your home on the market or prepare to accept a lower amount than you�d like to. Waterproofing and mold issues can cost thousands of dollars to fix, and nobody will want to pay for that themselves!

They Pay Attention to Your Wiring

This warning sign is particularly concerning, as electrical fires and issues can make a home totally unsafe. If there are many different fuses lying around, it�s a sign to homebuyers that something is wrong with your wiring. Extension cords snaking all around your home are another sign that electrical issues are lurking beneath the surface.

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