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Three Different Types of Home Sales

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When you are ready to buy or sell a home, you have more than one option in how to do so. Before taking the leap, you should understand how each option works and where exactly your money will be going or coming from. Let�s do a brief review of three types of home sales.

Standard Sale

This is the most traditional type of sale. Normally, the seller has equity in the property resulting in a bargaining advantage that lands these homes on the pricier side of the market. This type of home sale is preferred for those who would like to deal directly with the homeowner, instead of a large corporate bank. If you are selling or buying using this option, you should negotiate repairs and make sure the home is in good condition. If you are looking to purchase a home, but absolutely need to sell your current home before purchasing, this is the only seller that might be agreeable about this contingency. The market conditions vary, so it may take a long time to settle on what you believe is fair.



In a foreclosure (or bank owned home), you do not deal with the homeowner. Instead, the owner has been removed from the property and the sale price is up to the bank. The bank has listed the property for sale and generally offers a reasonable deal after making some small repairs. But keep in mind, homeowners who have been foreclosed on do not generally leave their property in manageable conditions. In fact, to spite the whole system, some homeowners make a point to do more damage on their way out. So while you may get a fast and reasonable deal, you might spend a lot of money later trying to get the property livable again.


Short Sale

A short sale happens when a homeowner owes more money on the home than what it is worth and is struggling to make mortgage payments. There are several financial hardships that could contribute to finding yourself in this predicament. Unlike a bank owned property or foreclosure, in a short sale the owner still holds the title of the home. To sell the property (for less than the remaining loan balance), the seller, buyer and lender must agree on the price and shortage. These homes generally come as is and require necessary repairs to pass inspection. This process can be drawn out if all parties cannot come to an agreement in a timely manner. Fear not! The Team Edge can offer you a fast, fair offer on your foreclosure or short sale property.


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