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Downsizing Your Home


Whether you are an empty-nester or just want a smaller home, downsizing is never easy. But we can help!

Whether you are an empty-nester or just want to move into a smaller house, moving can be bittersweet. You can be excited for change while will sad to leave the house you have thought of as home for a long time. Downsizing can be harder than normal because it also means getting rid of your belongings. Think of downsizing as a new start. So let�s take a look at some tips on how to downsize to a smaller home.

Plans to be Made

The first thing to do is to measure your new house or condo. Measure the storage areas and use this as a guide to how much stuff you can store in your new house. Now that you know how much you can take, it is time to take inventory. Think about things you would be alright with getting rid of. If you had to leave everything behind, what would you miss the most? Take stock of what is important to you and what you could live without or won�t have space in your life place. Try to make a list: must haves, can live without, things to replace. This will help you categorize everything in your large house.

Sell or Donate

The next step is to sell, donate, or give away everything in your �live without� section or things you want to replace. These items could be old toys, the 20 vases Aunt Verna sent you, and other items you don�t want to take with you. If your new home won�t accommodate a massive 60-inch TV, sell it and use the money to help fund a new TV and possibly some moving costs. The same should go with your large TV stand, heavy six person dining room set, and any other furniture you could live without.

Storage Space

The object of downsizing is to get rid of your clutter, but that doesn�t mean you can�t have things in your storage areas. Make sure to only keep the things that are important you and your loved ones. If they don�t have an importance, get rid of them or give them to someone they would mean something to. Keep yourself organized by using the �one in, one out� rule. If something goes into your closet, take one thing out. This will help to keep your home from becoming overwhelming and stuffed with useless things.

Remember that downsizing doesn�t mean you have to get rid of everything in your closet. Think about downsizing like cleansing all of the clutter from your life. Think critically and only keep the items that mean something to you. For more information on downsizing your home, call The Team Edge now!

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