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The Benefits of Buying an Older Home

Victorian House, Historic Home

Old homes have the added benefit of being large, along with being unpopular with other buyers. The extra square footage can be yours for a lower price.

There are plenty of newer homes on the market that may be drawing in your attention. �Newer homes have their charms, of course–nothing beats the feeling of being the first to live in a new house. �Fresh new carpet, newly painted walls…but new homes are often incredibly similar. �Their sturdiness isn�t proven, yet. �Will your investment be worth it? �You can�t really know when you don�t have previous homeowners to ask. �So, what are the benefits of buying an older home? �Read on to find out.

Saving Money

Old homes have the added benefit of being large, along with being unpopular with other buyers. �The extra square footage can be yours for a lower price than you would pay for one of those generic homes down the block. �When you throw in your money with the unpopular, you get a greater return for your investment. �Not to mention, you�re purchasing a perfectly good home–nothing is wrong with it! �Why not try it out?


Since older homes have been around for a while, you can be sure that they�re sturdy and can weather any kind of condition. �Foundations will be strong, thick walls that are well-insulated, and strong wooden frames. �Doors will also be of better quality. �


This is probably the biggest draw for older homes. �Instead of cookie-cutter styles and repeated floor plans, you�ll have something truly unique. �How many new homes can say they have stone walls from a time long past? �The original wood floors? �An antique fireplace? �Old homes are nothing like the ones built today–they are each individuals, and come with independent features that sit separately from modernity.

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