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You Should Reconsider Being a Landlord for These Reasons


You should consider the following points before you commit to being a landlord; don�t make a mistake that will do nothing but cost you money.

If you�ve got a space in your home or on your property that isn�t being used, you probably think the best way to make money off it is to rent it out during the year. �After all, a basement or in-law suite can seem like the perfect place for another person to reside. �However, renting this space out isn�t the best plan for many, many people. �You should consider the following points before you commit to being a landlord; don�t make a mistake that will do nothing but cost you money.

1. Landlords are often overworked and stressed.

Being strapped for money is already hard enough. �Making your life significantly more difficult is the worst thing you could do for your mental health and your stress level. �For instance, landlords must be available at all times of the day. �A tenant�s problems won�t always happen during the work day. �You also need to constantly be ready for the price of emergency maintenance. �

2. You might not always get paid.

Whenever you rent out, you run the serious risk of not being paid on time. �There are, of course, legal consequences for this; but if you�re on a tight budget, a missing rent payment may mean the difference between keeping your property and losing it. �Chances are, if you�re renting out property, you�re probably already short on cash. �Do you really want to take chances?

3. It might not be big enough.

Renting out property for someone to actually live in is more complicated than it sounds. �There are many codes you need to follow before you can actually become a landlord, which is stressful and costs you precious time. �And, even if you follow all of those codes, the space might not be ready for someone to live there. �And making it a great space to live could cost you even more time and money. �

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