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Maryland Neighborhood Spotlight: Canton


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Learn why canton is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Baltimore!

Welcome to another awesome neighborhood spotlight! This time we�re going to be talking about Canton. Now, Canton is located in Baltimore City and it happens to be one of the hottest spots for dining. Sell your house fast in Canton by knowing the ins and outs of the area. Ready to learn more? Well, here we go!

Canton provides city living in the best way.

Though Canton is still one of the best spots for a young professional, in recent years there has been a growing family presence. Those same youths who had moved in are staying and building the rest of their lives in Canton. Now, what Canton can give you is a tangible city flavor without having to worry about the dangers of living in the city. Canton offers many small businesses run by the people who started them years ago. Why? Because Canton is a place that people move to and love to stay in. Just check out Nacho Mama�s or Speakeasy and you will certainly feel the sense of history that comes with a firmly rooted community.

Check out the dog park!

Canton has a lovely dog park when you can let your furry friend off the leash for some fun and exercise. There is also a library with tons of amazing educational programs, shops at the Square, and awesome gyms to explore on your off time. There is also a roller derby rink where tough gals square off on roller skates. It�s a ton of fun, and definitely worth a visit.

The Team Edge is your Expert on Canton, MD.

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