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All You Need to Know About an Estate in Probate

estate in probate

In probate�situations, it�s important to remember that it can get very, very complicated, especially if there�s no will.


With all the legal jargon involved, it can be difficult to understand just what it means for an estate to be in probate. �Well, luckily, the process can be put into words that many people can work with. �It�s possible that you may have to deal with an estate in probate at some point in your life–or, perhaps, you�re reading this because you�ve got an estate in probate and aren�t sure how to deal with it. �Let�s quickly go over what it means for an estate to be in probate!

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of transferring a property to an heir after a person has died. �An example would be someone owning an estate, passing away, and then writing in their will that their child will inherit the estate. �A court gets involved in probate cases, because usually, there are debts or taxes to be paid off or there is a discrepancy with the will. �In these situations, it�s important to remember that probate can get very, very complicated, especially if there�s no will. �It�s possible to avoid probate through a living trust, but these can be very hard to navigate, as well. �The problem with selling an estate in probate arises when legal issues collide with financial issues.

Will or No Will?

Whether or not there is a will involved with a probate is very important. �With a will, it can be relatively simple for the executor to send the will to court in order to get it verified. �If it is, and the estate is simple, then it�s likely the estate in probate will be passed on and debts will be attributed to the proper person. �Without a will, though, it gets complicated. �The court must decide how to spread the debt across the family, usually starting with the deceased�s spouse. �This is a much longer process. �While this is happening, it�s possible the estate in probate could fall into disrepair or lose property value. �This is not good for the future owner, who may want to sell the estate.

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