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The Cape Cod: A History and Property Listing

The Cape Cod as an architectural style dates back to pre-sovereign America, when the earliest settlers from England adapted the thatch-roofed cottages from their homeland to keep themselves protected from brutal winters in the northern colonies.

cape cod

The Cape Cod is characterized by steep roofs that allow rain and snow to slide off � a practical solution to the New England weather the settlers were faced with. Traditionally, as an additional barrier against the cold, Cape Cods had substantially sized chimneys centrally located behind the front door, placed in the center of the home�s fa�ade, with rooms arranged around it.

Many of the Capes seen today, especially scattered throughout Maryland neighborhoods, were built following WWII, when the influx of soldiers coming home from overseas needed economical housing to either start or resume their family lives on the Home Front. As modest and simple houses, the Cape Cod was a suitable fit, and some of the first housing developments were put into place with this traditional style home.

Just as they did for colonists and WWII soldiers alike, Cape Cods make a great starter home � perfect for families just establishing themselves. Around this time of year in 2010, The Team Edge sold a charming Cape Cod in Gwynn Oak, Maryland, which we transformed with a renovation.

remodeled kitchen

With four bedrooms and two baths, the property boasted a beautiful yard, surrounded by trees and brimming with greenery. Hardwood floors and built-in bookcases gave the home a custom feel, and a newly remodeled kitchen with brand new appliances updated the space, bringing the 1951 home into the present.

Browse the classic Cape here, and see more of the transformative work the Team Edge is responsible for.

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