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Maryland Realtors: Doubled Up Housing Trend

More and more American households are becoming �doubled up,� with multiple adult generations living under the same roof. Many of these homes support �boomerang� children � those adults who move back in with their parents after leaving the nest for a time � a growing trend due to the state of the economy and difficult job market. Others of these shared households are the result of aging parents shacking up with their adult children, who often want to downsize and seek assistance due to deteriorating health.

Homebuilders have begun adjusting the way they design floor plans in order to include dual master suites and other add-ons to accommodate this need. Some houses even have adjoining apartments with sleeping areas, kitchenettes, bathroom �� even a garage. This allows families to live together without stifling one another, and lends the convenience of two homes in one place.

According to a Census Bureau report released earlier this year, doubled up housing arrangements accounted for 22 million households in 2010, which totals up to be 18.7% of all U.S. households � an increase of almost 2% since 2007. And in that same time frame � from 2007-2010, the number of adult children living with their parents increased by a whopping 1.2 million. The report deduced that these shared living arrangements allowed many Americans to escape poverty.

Besides the reduced financial obligations, adults who double up experience the benefits of built-in babysitters and petsitters, shared household chores and duties, and the opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

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