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Real Estate Trends: Tiny Retreats

Since Henry David Thoreau laid down his mandate to �Simplify, simplify, simplify� and moved to a 10�x15� cabin in the woods, the idea of living in a bare bones manner has appealed to self-sufficient types. While McMansions are still popping up everywhere on former farmlands, another trend has been on the rise: homes with small square footage. Take a look at a couple of these doll-sized homes that are beloved in a big way by their owners.

Home on the Range

Inspired by the �Tiny House Movement,� filmmaker and graphic designer Christopher Smith dreamed up and built his own 127-square foot haven that blends with the backdrop of the Colorado landscape on which it�s perched. A combination of rustic and industrial elements, the house was constructed using salvaged materials and inexpensive furnishings from thrift stores and places like IKEA. Smith made the most of his space: the house boasts a kitchen, bathroom, and lofted bed in spite of its miniscule size!

To learn more about Christopher�s collaborative home building project with his partner Merete Mueller, please visit their documentary�s site, �TINY,� here.

Dreamy Miniature Victorian �

Converting a rundown hunting cabin into a fairy-tale cottage, Sandra Foster restored the building into a shabby-chic style hideaway in the woods. The white washed walls and billowy fabrics make the 9�x10� space seem larger than it is. Her daytime getaway, the space does not feature a bathroom or kitchen, but does have an inviting lofted bed with a chandelier dangling above.

For photos of the old-fashioned home, see the New York Times� photo feature on Foster�s teensy Victorian here.

Tiny homes can be built on a tiny budget, and rarely require mortgages. Loan payments are accordingly smaller, too, and heating and electric costs low. Using innovative design ideas, small homes make the most of functionality, creatively utilizing every inch of space contained inside.

As expert renovators and real estate agents, The Team Edge strives to keep up on hot real estate finds like these small homes with maximized space, and we hope you�re as enchanted by the trend in diminutive dwellings as we are.

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Christopher & Merete’s Truly Tiny Home on the Range

On Location: A Tiny Victorian Cottage


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