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Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger To Sell Your Home


We�ve all dealt with the struggle of a small bathroom. Although there�s not much you can do to increase the size of the room, you can definitely make it appear larger than it actually is. Nobody wants to feel cramped in a space that�s meant for resting or relaxing. Here are a few tips to make your small bathroom feel less restricting:


  1. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Mirrors act as a great illusion to make your bathroom appear larger. Putting one large mirror over the sink will make the room seem double its size. Placing small accent mirrors on an adjacent wall will also help to increase the illusion of a larger space.
  2. Lighten the space. It�s best to avoid dark colors and bold wallpaper on your small bathroom walls, because it makes the space feel much more confined than lighter colors would. Stick to light neutrals or calming blues and greens on both the walls and the shower curtain. Also increase the light in the space with more light fixtures. Save space by placing these fixtures on the ceilings or walls, and avoid standing lamps.
  3. Storage. Take advantage of that hall closet that doesn�t really have a purpose! Install shelving in the closet to store cleaning products or extra toiletries so that your bathroom is free of clutter. By using the hall closet, you can get rid of the cabinets that your sink sits on and takes up so much room. Install a free-standing sink instead.
  4. Simplicity. Simplicity is key when attempting to make your bathroom appear larger. Anything that is too busy, too crowded, or too colorful will throw the illusion out of whack. Create a color scheme, keep your bathroom simple, and use few, small accents.

These small changes will make your bathroom seem much larger, and attract more potential buyers. If the space is visually pleasing, they are more likely to�have a strong interest in the home.

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