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3 Reasons Why Selling During Spring is a Bad Move

selling during spring

Don�t let opportunity pass you by because you�re worried about selling. �Read on to find out more about what selling during spring actually means.

The temperatures are rising, the trees are about to bloom, and rainy weather promises May flowers–you may think this is a prime opportunity to be moving somewhere pleasant. �However, one of the worst parts about moving is selling your home. �And, while you may be looking at grass that is greener, the issue arises when your selling process goes awry. �Don�t let opportunity pass you by because you�re worried about selling. �Read on to find out more about what selling during spring actually means, and how you can overcome the struggles.

There�s More Competition

Most people believe that the best time to put their home on the market is during spring. �However, let�s think about the downsides of listing. �If so many people are involved in real estate, there�s going to be much more competition than there would be during other slow seasons. �Selling can take longer, thus lowering the value of your home. �It can also be a prolonged, stressful process that you have no desire getting involved in!

More Stress

Enduring stress during moving is always something to consider, but also, spring is a particularly pressing time for everyone in the family. �Kids are getting ready for finals and standardized testing, and it�s a big quarter for sales for many companies. �If spring is a booming time for your family, listing your home can be more than you can handle. �This can lead to bad decision making, as well!

Time Constraints

Buyers will want to move in quickly, and after you�ve done all that work of selling, you may feel rushed to get out of the house. �Spring is a busy, busy time, meaning you won�t be able to move out on your own terms. �This can present difficult situations for anyone who is already overwhelmed during this warm season.

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