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4 Great Ways to Make a First Impression on Buyers

first impressions

In such a competitive world, it can be hard to stand out and make a lasting impression on those who look at your listing.

Homes aren�t like people–it is perfectly acceptable in this market to walk away from a listing because you don�t like the way it�s presented. �In such a competitive world, it can be hard to stand out and make a lasting impression on those who look at your listing. �You�re looking for ways to sell your home quickly and for what it�s worth, right? �Well, read on to find out what you can do to make a good first impression on those buyers.

  1. Consider the surrounding homes.

You need to match up to your neighbors, and then blow them away, especially if you aren�t the only one on the block trying to sell. �Look at how they keep their lawns, how they present their home from the curb, and then amplify that. �Keep your lawn manicured and healthy, and make sure you keep your home looking attractive and inviting.

  1. Keep pets away during open houses.

A lot of people have allergies and strong preferences, and while your pet may be the nicest on the planet, it could still end up harming the opinions of potential buyers. �Find a friend to care for your pets when you�re allowing tours. �If you have fish, keeping those may help. �A well-kept aquarium with attractive, healthy fish can add to the display of a room. �But other aquatic animals, like snakes or turtles, might be a mistake.

  1. Get your carpets clean.

Don�t just run over your carpets with a vacuum or a rented cleaner–invest in hiring a professional to work on your carpets. �Your buyers want to know that they�ll be purchasing your home without needing to do this work themselves. �It also makes a huge visual difference. �Cut lines and clean, plush fibers are what people want to see.

  1. Check your outlets and switches.

Flip switches. �Test outlets. �When you live in your home long enough, it�s easy to forget about which of these don�t work. �Electrical issues are huge hassles new buyers don�t want to go through, so get these fixed before you show off your home.

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