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How to Move Out of Your Sold Home–Fast!

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Going slow and steady will end up moving you out much faster.

After you�ve sold your home or property to The Team Edge, you might be wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. �This can also apply if you�re looking to sell in the near future. �It can be tedious to move, as we all know. �How can you make this easier on yourself, so you can start anew with ease and simplicity? �And how can you move out quickly, to get to the new chapter in your life even faster? �Read on to find out.

  1. Make a moving plan.

Starting blind is going to be your biggest downfall. �When you move, you need to have a clear process laid out in front of you so you don�t get lost. �A moving plan can be something as simple as a to-do list, or an entire calendar marked with what you want to do each day. �In preparation of moving, you can label and color code your boxes. �This will make it easier on you when you have to actually start packing.

  1. Take pictures of everything, before and after you pack.

Before pictures will help you organize when you get to your new home. �This is especially helpful for deciphering electronics. �You won�t have to worry about sorting out all those tangled cables. �And, you�ll remember where you want things placed. �After pictures are what you should be sending to your landlord, if you have a security deposit. �This protects you tremendously; you�ll have photographic evidence that any damages didn�t come from you. �Remember: landlords are legally obligated to give your security deposit back to you!

  1. Invest in a mobile storage pod.

This is essentially a storage shed on wheels. �Companies will give you the pod so you can secure all of your larger boxes and items inside. �When you�re finished, they cart the pod away to your new home so you can unpack. �You will have the pod for more than a day–a luxury moving trucks do not have. �Rushing around with a one-time truck will result in mixed up boxes and misplaced items. �Going slow and steady will end up moving you out much faster.

  1. Dedicate one room to packing and boxes.

Pick one room in your house or apartment and focus on putting all of your packed items in that room. �You won�t ever lose any boxes, and you�ll be organized. �Try to avoid rooms like the living room or the kitchen, where there is a lot of space to lose things. �A spare bedroom works perfectly for this step. �

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