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What Causes Houses to be Condemned?


Houses can be condemned if there is significant termite damage that cannot be repaired.

If you think your house is on the verge of being condemned, or if you know of a property that is in a similar situation, you may be wondering the exact qualities that would cause that. �It takes more than abandonment to condemn a house. �A property that fits the criteria to be condemned is usually an eyesore, unsafe, and a threat to the community. �But what exactly causes a house to be condemned by the government? �Read on to find out.

What does it mean to get condemned?

The government seizes property. �That�s the simple explanation. �If a street needs to be wider, if there needs to be a new housing development, or if the property is otherwise in the way of a government project, it can be condemned and must be vacated. �More frequently, though, condemned homes are ones that are in disrepair, to the point where they are unsafe living spaces. �There are many factors as to why this would happen. �Let�s explore them.

Reasons a house may be condemned

A house could get condemned because of the following:

  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Infrastructure failure
  • Weather catastrophes have caused structural damage
  • Black mold
  • Extensive termite damage
  • Built with unsafe materials

All of these reasons can arise from a larger problem. �For instance, a home can become unsanitary due to the resident having a hoarding disorder. �This could also be because of a misplaced sewage line, or any other kind of waste problem. �Black mold is usually due to poor maintenance. �Unsafe materials were used in a lot of older homes, and if it cannot be fixed, the home may be better off being demolished. �

What happens when a home is condemned?

This is usually a last resort. �Even with extensive damage, many homes can be repaired under the right circumstances and escape being condemned. �If people are living in the home, or there are known owners of the property, they will be notified to evacuate. �Ultimately, this is going to end up being a legal battle for you…unless you sell to us.

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