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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Your Open House

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If you�re looking to sell your home and are planning an open house, it�s easy to make mistakes that could cost you a sale.

The competition is rough out there. �Real estate is increasingly becoming an industry that�s all about having a better home than the others on your block. �If you�re looking to sell your home and are planning an open house, it�s easy to make mistakes that could cost you a sale. �But what are they? �If you aren�t a real estate agent, it might be hard to figure that out on your own. �Before you have your open house and present your home to potential buyers, ensure you aren�t making these mistakes.

  1. Don�t assume buyers will see potential.

Clutter? �Disrepair? �It�s a common thought sellers have; what does it matter, as long as buyers see the potential of the home? �Even if your clutter will move out with you, that first impression is going to stick around with the people who see it. �They aren�t going to see a spacious master bedroom if it�s piled high with clothes, or stuffed full with furniture. �

  1. Don�t stick around for the open house.

If you have a real estate agent to look after your home while buyers are walking through it, don�t stay. �When buyers know the owner is in the home, they aren�t going to ask the questions they really want to, as they�re worried about being pleasant guests. �The reality is, buyers want to feel comfortable asking questions about how the home functions, and the real estate agent may need to give honest answers. �Also, you may just be bothering them.

  1. Personal opinions need to go.

Have you ever noticed that model apartments and homes never have any religious objects or photos of families on the walls? �That�s because your goal is to make your home as objective as possible. �Buyers should be walking in with the intention of seeing themselves and their own family pictures on the walls. �Personal paraphernalia can turn off buyers.

  1. Don�t restrict access.

Regardless of the situation, you should never block off any areas; not even closets. �Buyers should be able to see every aspect and dimension of the home. �Do whatever it takes to make your home as accessible as possible, so buyers can see the entire home, and not just a part of it.

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