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Could This Real Estate Trend Define the Market in 2017?

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Ever since the financial crash nearly a decade ago, the real estate market has been unpredictable.

Each year, the housing market seems to make extremely drastic changes. �Ever since the financial crash nearly a decade ago, the real estate market has been unpredictable. �We do know a few general trends that could end up defining the whole housing market. �One of those trends? �Move-up buyers are in luck, and selling your lower valued homes might become difficult. �Read on to find out more.

Suburban Homes Are More Expensive

Over the last five years, the average price for a two-bedroom home spiked 59%. �This means sellers have to be very specific with their prices, and that they have much more competition with similar homes around the block. �Buyers looking at steep price tags are going to be picky. �You may be forced to lower the price of your listing if you are in a tight spot and need to move quickly. �This can lose sellers a lot of money if they aren�t careful. �

Harder to Sell With More Repairs

So, what does this mean? �Selling when your home needs serious or even mild repairs is going to be more difficult. �You might have to price your house even lower, or it might just sit on the market without any potential buyers. �Even though repairs don�t turn everyone away from a home, it�s still a gamble. �It�s hard to afford a total roof replacement or kitchen remodeling job when you�re trying to cash out fast. �And even if you do manage to sell without making repairs, you�re probably selling for a lower price than you truly deserve.

Upscaling Could Be Easier

But, because higher-valued homes are becoming more affordable, it�s possible for you to move up in your housing situation in a cost-effective way. �This is why selling to The Team Edge is so beneficial. �We promise to give you a fair price, and you�ll sell fast. �That way, you can strike now, without having to wait around for another homeowner to cash you out and buy your home for an unfair price.

Sell with The Team Edge and avoid the hassle of the current real estate market!

If you find yourself in a hectic situation and need to sell quickly, you don�t have time to sit around and wait for potential buyers. �You need to sell now. �And that�s where we come in�The Team Edge is dedicated to buying your property, regardless of the time of year, and despite whatever state it may be in. �Rather than taking the risk with a slow market and picky buyers, call us, and sell your home fast.

If you�re having trouble selling, don�t worry. �The Team Edge will buy your property regardless of its current condition and curb appeal, and is dedicated to providing you with the best possible selling experience and a fast, fair offer. Call our 24/7 hotline today at 443-840-7100 or fill out our quick and easy online application to get started on selling your Maryland property immediately.

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