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Tiny Retreats

Who would ever have thought that such a big trend could come in such a small size? Smaller houses are all the rage right now, despite the major mansions and sprawling buildings that for the longest time seemed to be unstoppably popular. The living embodiment of the phrase �less is more,� find out why these tiny retreats are making such a large impact on the real estate world.

They�re energy efficient

Heating and cooling a large home takes time and a lot of energy. Particularly in seasons of extreme temperatures (freezing cold winters and sizzling hot summers), you can rack up a major expense with your electric bill, all just to keep your home comfortable! A smaller home takes significantly less time to heat or cool, which translates into significant savings for you.

They�re easy to personalize

When decorating a large home, there is so much space to fill and paint that you really want to be committed to a decorating scheme before you get started with it. Otherwise, what a time-consuming hassle to change your mind! This is not the case with a smaller home; because there is less space to deal with, you can switch out design options as often as you choose. Want to repaint? There are far fewer walls to contend with in a smaller home. Want to go from modern to vintage furnishings? It won�t take long before you customize the home of your dreams.

They�re economical

Not only will you save money on temperature control and furnishings in a smaller home; less square footage automatically translates to a lower price. And think of the other ways in which you�ll save money with a smaller home. Cleaning, for one thing, will take less time and be more affordable, as your product won�t have to pull double duty in many rooms, making them last longer.

They�re cute!

When it comes to the visual appeal of these smaller homes, most of them are just too charming to pass by! Perfect for singles, couples, and small families, a smaller home can be a big success in the real estate market.

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