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Practical Home Renovations for a More Liveable Space

You�ve watched enough HGTV and heard plenty about basic home resale to make you feel like you have a grip tighter than a cowboy on a bucking bronco when it comes to profitable home renovations. You know about all the standard suggestions: remodel your kitchen, update your bathrooms, paint every wall a neutral color. But when it comes to home makeovers, unless you�ve dedicated yourself to the cause of flipping houses, chances are, return on investments aren�t your biggest concern when you stop and really scrutinize why you want to make changes to your home.

Too often, homeowners seek to make alterations based off of what they think will help their place sell in the long run, rather than what will make their house more functional while they�re living in it. People who never have formal sit down dinners want additions built to make way for dining rooms, and those who microwave most of their meals want professional grade kitchen appliances.

Below, we�ve summarized some tips from Richard Taylor � a residential architect from Ohio and contributor to famed real estate blog, Zillow � on practical home renovations.

Storage Solutions

Let�s face it: kitchen cabinets are expensive, and sometimes they�re so high up and hard to reach that they don�t make for the best storage cupboards. Opt for a pantry in lieu of excess cabinetry � it will take up less space, cost less, and hold more.

Optimize Views

If you have a spectacular view from your property, make the most of it by grouping windows together to overlook one area, rather than having them scattered throughout the house.

It�s a House, Not a Cathedral

Though vaulted ceilings can be quite dramatic, they ultimately create larger rooms that are more expensive to heat and furnish. There are plenty of ways to create an illusion of height: wall trim, paint, and creating focal points other than the ceiling.

Have a Plan

In remodeling rooms, consult with your architect, designer, or contractor to determine the best ways to maximize space for furniture placement. Having a window or door on each wall in a space makes placing items difficult. Learn how to fully utilize what you have now before considering costly expansion.

Don�t worry so much about how much return you�ll yield from the home projects you undertake � instead, focus on the ways in which you can make your house more liveable � it�ll turn out to be a worthwhile investment for you and your family.

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