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3 Big Renovation Mistakes That Lower Your Home Value


Certain renovations generate more value than others, and if you make a mistake in choosing your project, you can even lower the value of your home.

It�s well-known that renovations are how you can place yourself higher on the market. �These expensive investments are occasionally planned incorrectly. �Certain renovations generate more value than others, and if you make a mistake in choosing your project, you can even lower the value of your home. �Have you made a miscalculation in your renovation projects? �Read on to see a few of them that might have already set back your selling ability.

1. Combined Bedrooms

It�s not uncommon for people to tear down walls between bedrooms to make a single, larger one. �This usually occurs when people have one too many rooms and would find the most benefit in more conveniently accessed space. �Unfortunately, two combined bedrooms can lower home value significantly. �More bedrooms means a higher spot on the real estate market–buyers aren�t going to look at square footage right away, and if they�re searching for a 3 bedroom home, they won�t look at the 2 bedroom listing where one room might be larger.

2. Converting a Garage

Many buyers are looking for a place where they can avoid digging out their cars during the winter! �A garage is a major positive aspect for many people, and converting that space into something more subjective, like an extra bedroom or family room, is counterproductive. �It also prevents them from being able to easily convert the space back into a garage. �A converted garage is never a good idea, and is a terrible renovation to make if you�re about to jump on the market.

3. Painting Walls and Ceilings Unfavorably

Your home will not sell well if the walls are painted darker colors, because it�s much harder to change the color when the buyer wants to. �Most sellers with dark wall colors find that it�s a huge hassle to repaint them to impress the market. �Likewise, ceilings can be textured–stucco is a good example, which can otherwise be described as a �popcorn� ceiling. �This turns away buyers, as well. �It�s difficult to change these details, and buyers don�t want to spend the money to do that.

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