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The Absolute Worst Home Design Trends on the Market

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The best way to know whether or not your home will do well on the market is to do your research.

Does your home have any of the following home design elements? �That could end up posing a huge problem when it�s time to sell. �A lot of these trends require expensive, huge renovations to fix–and that�s not really worth your money if you�re trying to sell quickly for a good price. �The best way to know whether or not your home will do well on the market is to do your research. �So, rather than do guesswork, let�s explore some of the least popular design trends that won�t get you anywhere on the real estate market.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Though these used to be all the rage, as they provided the opportunity to enjoy a spa in your own home, they�re a little outdated. �People like large shower spaces and simple tubs. �It wastes less water, and it takes less time; the problem is that getting rid of your whirlpool bathtub can require an entire bathroom redesign. �If you can�t afford that, your property value is going to suffer.

Built-In Microwaves

It�s a small but big issue, and is next to high cabinets in terms of uselessness. �You must keep in mind that your home has to be accessible. �Built-in microwaves that reside over your stove may save space, but they aren�t easily accessible. �This goes for cabinets, as well–you don�t want them to be too high, because that can mean they won�t be used by those who can�t reach them. �An entire kitchen renovation is probably not in your budget.

Multiple Architectural Styles

Your home needs to be consistent in its style. �Mixing modern sleekness with an outdated bathroom is not going to sell well, because in order for the home to be coherent, it would require a renovation. �Most of the time, this is not in the cards, and buyers want to quickly move in without any extra costs. �If it�s not in your budget to redesign your entire house, selling can be a huge hassle.

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