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Designing a Bathroom

Doing some quick updates to the design of your bathroom can aid in the selling of your home. Before you begin the bathroom remodeling, it is important not to go overboard with the designs. You should keep the look and feel of your bathroom in check with other rooms in your house. Experts suggest that you should not spend more than ten percent of your homes current worth on updates to your bathroom. If you renovate your bathroom to be substantially more luxurious than the rest of your house, your home will become less desirable when it is time to sell it. A more practical renovation would be adding a second full bathroom to a half bath if you do not already have one.

The most limiting factor when it comes to remodeling the bathroom is the existing plumbing. If you are not looking to spend a fortune remodeling and rewire the whole room, the appliances are going to need to stay put. Below are a few steps for how to take care of all of your bathroom remodeling needs.

Dominate the Design

Look at the current layout in your bathroom and identify the main areas that you want to fix. If you have a closet in the bathroom, is there enough shelf space? What about the medicine cabinet, are the shelves wide enough to hold all of your items? Lastly, what about counter space, would a second sink be beneficial? Once you identify the major problem areas, designing a bathroom that you love will be more of a reality than ever.

Regarding Repairs

Is there mold or buildup on any of your current appliances? Certain things look wonderful when they are brand new, but after a short period of time they show signs of wear and tear and begin to look mediocre at best. Make sure that you use materials that can withstand high levels of moisture. While a relatively expensive product, granite can handle the high moisture levels and is easy to clean. A less expensive option is tile. In the past, homeowners have complained about how tile is a little more difficult to maintain because they had to clean the grout. Now, tile is sold in larger pieces that can either reduce the amount of grout or eliminate it.

Don�t Waste Water

When you are remodeling the bathroom there are also options to be considered that can help save you money by reducing your water bill. Did you know that a toilet uses more water than any other appliance? In order to reduce the amount of water, consider purchasing an ultra-low-flush toilet. While your current toilet may be working fine, the money you spend will often be returned to you in terms of savings on your reduced water bill. Some showerheads use considerably more water than others do; a low-flow shower head won�t waste water and can help lower your water bill.

Really, the possibilities are endless, and these are just a handful of the steps we can suggest to design your dream bathroom. Remember to be creative with your budget but to keep your home looking clean � both literally and in the personal accents you add throughout your space.

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