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A Luscious Garden Boosts Curb Appeal

Are you gearing up to sell your home? Or maybe you just want to ensure that your house is the most beautiful on the block. Whatever your reasons, boosting your curb appeal is on every homeowner�s checklist. Looking for an exceptionally colorful way to do it? The Team Edge recommends planting a garden!

Gardens instantly brighten any house front. Even more than potted plants or window boxes, full gardens bring life, color, and vibrancy to your home. Some homeowners are reluctant to plant gardens because they either think that they will require a lot of upkeep and maintenance or that they will attract unwanted pests close to your house. However, done right, gardens can be easy!

When you pick out the flowers you want for your garden, be sure to ask whether the variety is a perennial or an annual. For those seeking a low-maintenance option, perennials will be your preferred choice. The regrow every spring on their own and generally do not require more than the usual amount of attention: consistent watering and a spot in the sun should do the trick. If you�re looking to make gardening more of a full-time hobby, you might consider annuals, which do require replanting throughout the seasons and sometimes need special treatment. Whatever you choose, decide whether you want to adhere to a consistent, monotone theme or if you want multicolored blooms in varying sizes.

As far as pests go, bees and worms are actually good for your garden, and more than likely, they will not come into your home at any point. So let them do their thing, and have nature run its course to bring some serious curb appeal to your home today!

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