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Preparing Your House to Sell Fast

You�re buying a new home but still haven�t sold your current home; you can�t afford both homes for long, so you need to sell fast. The Team Edge has prepared this helpful advice for anyone who needs to sell their home fast.

Home ready to SellRemove Personal Items

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a house a more palatable purchase for someone looking to buy is to take your more personal effects off of display.� Family photos, family heirlooms, art on the walls and book on the shelves all give a potential buyer a feeling of what you�re like, and how you live in the home.� This makes it harder for them to picture themselves in the space. Removing personal items benefits you in two ways; by removing the items you free up space so that your home seems larger, and by removing the personal items the buyer can then begin to imagine what it would be like for them to be living in the home. This includes any fixtures, furniture, or appliances you want to move with you. If a buyer sees something they like, they may want to have it included in the price of the home, even if you aren�t willing to part with it. Pack away personal objects carefully and put them in storage.

Organize and Clean

Depersonalizing the space will have taken care of some of the clutter and freed up space to entice buyers, but you can do more. Starting with the kitchen, clean your counters, removing all objects, like appliances, drying racks, and spice jars from its surface.� Next move to the cabinets and remove all but the minimum required to keep living there and pack it away. Next move onto the bathroom, cleaning out your medicine cabinet, especially any prescription medicine you have, and leaving behind only simple mundane items like tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss. Keep the items you need daily safe on hand, but away from where potential buyers might snoop around.� Clean up the linen closet and bathroom cabinets if you have them, again, leaving the bare minimum you need to continue living there until the house sells. Then tackle the rest of the house, clearing the unnecessary knickknacks off any flat furniture surfaces you have, and removing any unnecessary furniture. When you pack things away, keep them organized so that you�ll have an easier time unpacking when you move.

Fix What You Can

Now that you�ve tidied up, removed personal items, and the unnecessary items and furniture, you probably have a lot more space, and might have revealed a lot of minor damage you didn�t know about or remember. Patch any holes in the walls, replace broken tiles, remove carpet stains, and repaint your walls neutral colors. These are all minor things, but they�re minor things that can be a big deal to home buyers, and should all be fixed before staging a home.

Can�t afford to do repairs? The Team Edge Can Help

The Team Edge is a group of Maryland-based real estate professionals that handle home buying and selling across Maryland. Our team has access to the funds to buy any property, in any price range, in any condition. We can make selling your home easy and fast with a guaranteed price that can be delivered in a lump sum cash payment.

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