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Tips to Sell Your House Fast this Winter

Sweet winter homeYou need to sell your house†fast this winter. Maybe itís because youíre being relocated for your job, or maybe its family issues and you want to move closer to home, or maybe itís financial troubles. It can be hard to sell a home quickly, especially in the winter market when there arenít as many people buying. The Team Edge is here with advice on how to help attract a buyerís eye and sell your house fast this winter.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Itís easy to get stuck in the mindset that you should price your house much higher then its worth, hoping you can sell it for that much or that the buyer just wonít haggle the price down all the way. However, with all the pricing information readily available for houses in your area, what youíre really doing is shooting yourself in the foot. Price your house at its market value, based on your square footage, the prices of other homes in the area, and consider any amenities your home might have over other homes. But donít go overboard, people might like heated bathroom floors, but wonít pay thousands extra for them.

Cultivate your Curb

Itís the dead of winter, so this can be tricky to do, but do your best to make sure people checking out your home get a good first impression. The driveway and sidewalk should be immaculately shoveled, but donít leave the shovel out. Nothing should be out in your yard or on your porch. To boost your curb appeal you might consider some light seasonal decorations, like a nice wreath on your door. The best you can really do in the winter is just make sure your houseís exterior is as clean and neat as possible. Donít underestimate this, as your houseís exterior is the first thing buyers see when they arrive, and the last thing they see when they leave.

Cleanup and Makeup

Speaking of clean, it goes doubly so for cleaning your interior. Everything should be ďspic Ďn spanĒ. Furniture, floors, walls, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, everything should be cleaned up tidy. If your home is out of date in terms of style, update what you can afford to. If youíre still living in the home keep only essentials there and put everything else in storage, if youíve already moved, then you should only have staging furniture there, which brings us to our next topic.

Set the Stage

Buyers have an extraordinarily difficult time picturing how theyíll use a space without furniture to fill it. When they see an empty room, they just see an empty room, and none of its promise. So fill the room with promise by staging furniture in it to be like a living space. If youíre still living there, this easy! If not, you need to rent some furniture, or leave furniture behind to stage the spaces so people can imagine what it would be like to live there.


Finally, if you want to sell your house you have to network. Post listings of it on all of the real estate sites, in all of the news papers, and other places it might be posted. Make sure you have lots of good pictures taken of it, exterior, and interior, get every room from multiple angle and post those with your listings.

The Team Edge will Buy Your House

Need to sell your house fast this winter, but donít have time to, or canít afford any of the preparation? The Team Edge will buy your house this winter.† At The Team Edge, weíre dedicated to providing you with the best possible home-selling experience in the fine state of Maryland. Call our 24/7 hotline today at 443-840-7100 or fill out our quick and easy online application to get started on selling your Baltimore property immediately. No matter how your property looks, The Team Edge is here with a fair price and fast service.

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