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Maryland Neighborhood History: Catonsville

Continuing our series on the histories of various Maryland neighborhoods, the Team Edge, your Maryland real estate expert, is here with a bit of history on one of Maryland�s most popular communities: The city of Catonsville.

Maryland FlagHistory

Most historians believe that the area now considered Catonsville, which lies just west of Baltimore, was originally settled by a Native American tribe known as the Piscataway, who had established villages all along the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay and up the Patapsco River. While European colonists initially got along fairly well with the Piscataway, by the mid 1600�s the colonists had begun driving the Native Americans off their land and to the North.

The city of Catonsville was properly founded in the early 1700�s and, around 1800, the Ellicott family opened up a country road that ran along the Patapsco � called the Frederick Turnpike- for traffic between their flour mill and the city of Baltimore. Richard Caton, the son-in-law of Charles Carroll, rounded the city shortly thereafter. Travelers along this road used the city to rest at and conduct business in, causing the city to grow and prosper.

Catonsville is host to a rather large number of Victorian and Colonial houses, which were originally built by wealthy Baltimoreans who desired summer getaways. The advent of the automobile and electric trolley saw even more families start to live year round in the city. On several occasions, until 1918, Baltimore attempted to annex Catonsville but was soundly rebuffed every time.


Though by and large a quiet place, Catonsville has a few brushes with notoriety. Samuel Clemens, better known by his nom de plume Mark Twain, made his last public appearance at the commencement of St. Timothy’s School for Girls in Catonsville in 1909.

In 1968 the city gained national fame for a short period when a group of Catholic anti-war activists that became known as �The Catonsville Nine broke into the local draft office and burned draft records, in opposition to the Vietnam War.

The year of 2007 saw Catonsville ranked by Money magazine as the 49th best place to live in the country and the third best place to live in Maryland and Virginia.

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