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Sell Your Home Fast This Fall

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Read more about how Fall can be a prime home selling time, and why you could sell your home fast this season!

Fall doesn�t official start until September 23, but that doesn�t mean you can�t get your home ready for the upcoming home buying season! Read more about how Fall can be a prime home selling time, and why you could sell your home fast this season!

For a long time, traditional real estate advice said that the best time to sell your home was in the spring. Families wanted to be settled in their new homes to enjoy their new yard for the summer and be comfortable with the neighborhood and community by the time school started. And while spring is certainly still the busiest time overall, nowadays there’s plenty of action happening after Labor Day

Two Reasons to Sell After Labor Day

Buyers Never Stop Looking: the age of technology means that a serious home buyer can be looking at new homes 24/7, even through the holidays, all from the comfort of their living room and the convenience of their computer or tablet. Buyers no longer have to take time out of their busy schedules to drive around and view homes on site. If the right home appears, they will be ready to move.

Less Competition: The conventional wisdom about real estate is still very popular � most real estate agents will tell you that real estate slows to a crawl by October and doesn�t pick back up until after Valentine’s Day. So many sellers decide to put off putting their house up on the market until after those months have passed. Less inventory on the market during those months means less competition for you as you try to sell your home.

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