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When is the Best Time to Buy and Sell Real Estate in Maryland?

propertyIf you�re trying to get the most for your money, buying or selling, then there are many factors to consider. One of the more important, but often overlooked, factors in buying or selling a home is the season in which you�re doing it. There are many contributing aspects that might make it a season a good time to buy or sell. Things like the weather, financial climate, and seasonal psychology all play factors in real estate buying and selling.

The Best Time to Buy

Really, the best time to buy your home is when you find your dream home at an affordable price. However, realistically, and somewhat surprisingly, the best time to buy your home is during the winter.

Looking at the market figures for home sales, you might think that spring is the time to buy, as the majority of homes tend to be bought and sold in the spring. But that is exactly why it is not a good idea to buy then. Not very many people are selling in this economic climate, and buyers flood the market in spring and their competing bids drive up home prices.

However, during the winter there is a scarcity of buyers, mostly because people are unwilling to brave the ill weather of winter to house hunt. Another factor that makes the winter season in favor of house buyers is that due to the big holiday spending many people engage in, sellers are eager to see money as soon as they can get it. The holiday season provides buyers another bonus in that sellers might be more generous and sympathetic to families looking for homes during this time of the year. The combination of bad weather, the holiday season, and financial strain on sellers, really do make winter the best buyers market.

The Best Time to Sell

From what we said outlining the best time of the year to buy, you can probably already guess the best time of the year to sell. Spring is the best season to sell your house.� The market is inundated with buyers looking for homes in the lovely spring weather, with happier moods from all the natural colors of plants and flowers, and tax refund checks in their hands.

Yes, the combination of nice weather, improved curb appeal from spring flowers, the tax refund check all psychologically combine to make spring the perfect time to sell your home. With the enhanced curb appeal of a garden in bloom, you can ask for more, and with increased competition among buyers, hopefully get a bidding war.

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