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Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Sell your Home 2015

kitchen remodelingThe kitchen and bathrooms of a house are two of the things that can make or break a house in a potential buyer�s eyes. Because of this, kitchen remodeling has the highest potential return on investment of any remodeling job. To aid you in selling your home we�ve written up some simple kitchen remodeling tips�so that you can turn your kitchen from a deal breaker to a deal maker.

Talk to a Local Realtor

The first step in doing any remodeling or renovations to sell your home should be to talk to a local Realtor. Talking to a local Realtor can give you an idea of what other kitchens in your neighborhood have and what helps sell. They can also give some kitchen remodeling tips of their own. This way you can narrow the focus of your remodeling, and just target those things that you absolutely need to update or improve. With this information you can make a list of must have improvements and a budget. This will save you money, and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Get Granite

Granite countertops for your kitchen should be a high priority item on your list of things to do and in your budget. It�s getting to the point where house buyers are expecting homes to have granite. Keep in mind though that you don�t need to go with top quality granite, there�s affordable granite out there. Also don�t go for colors that you like but might not appeal to a larger audience. Remember this is to sell, not for you.

Approachable Appliances

Tied with granite countertops on our list of�kitchen remodeling tips is updating the appliances, especially if other homes for sale in your area have updated appliances as well. Again, you don�t need to get the biggest and best, but the appliances should be contemporary and of good quality. And remember that stainless steel is still popular as far as appliance finishes are concerned.

Keep it Simple

With the big ticket items of your budget out of the way, use the rest of your budget for simple but effective updates. If your light fixtures or sink are out of date, they�re good go-to�s for upgrading. Get simple fixtures that can go with a variety of styles, nothing extravagant or highly individualized. If you got stainless steel appliances, stainless steel fixtures to match would work. If you�re cabinets are out of date and you can afford to replace them they�re a good investment. However, if you can�t afford to replace the entire cabinets you can still get the effect of new cabinets with new doors, new hardware, or even just a fresh coat of paint. Finally, a fresh coat of a neutral colored paint on the walls will help make all the difference.

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