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4 Reasons Your Home is Sitting on the Market

Selling Real Estate

There are a lot of factors that go into why a home would take a while to sell, and some of these are because the market itself is lacking in substance.

Are you unable to sell your home and you aren�t sure why? �There are a lot of factors that go into why a home would take a while to sell, and some of these are because the market itself is lacking in substance. �But you�re probably in a rush to sell, because you want to move and continue with your life without the added stress of real estate. �Read on to find out why your home is sitting still on the housing market.

1. Appliances aren�t upgraded

A harvest gold stove is not doing anything for your home on the market. �Sure, the homeowner may replace a lot of appliances with their own, like the refrigerator or the washer and dryer, but it�s the appearance that counts. �You want to make your home look as modern and as aesthetically pleasing as possible to draw in buyers.

2. Roofing is old

You know what old roofs spell for buyers? �Trouble. �Maintenance. �Hours and thousands of dollars they need to spend working on fixing the mistakes that previous owners left behind. �It makes a surprising impact, and if you�re going to impress buyers on the market, you�ll need to update your roofing situation. �Especially if you�ve got visible leaks or mold that�s coming from your roof, essentially proving that your roof is not in good shape and will require work post move in.

3. Ignoring small details

You may think that cracked tile on your bathroom floor isn�t making a huge difference, but if it�s immediately visible, it certainly is. �Of course, a lot of people will look past minor scuffs and scrapes. �But if you really want to get to selling your home fast, you�re going to want to check every single detail in your home for damage or disorder. �It�s tedious, but buyers want your home to be pristine for moving day.

4. You leave personal objects

Keep buyers immersed in the idea that they�re looking at their future home by removing any trace of yourself. �That means taking down family photos, religious memorabilia, or anything that a potential buyer would see as impersonal to them. �General decor is often helpful, though–use your judgement to determine if a detail is too personal.

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