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What Factors Make Your Home Unattractive to Buyers?

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Without a professional holding your hand through the process, you might be at a loss for how you can make your home appealing.

In today�s competitive market, it�s difficult to keep track of what people find negative about the homes they look at. �Without a professional holding your hand through the process, you might be at a loss for how you can make your home appealing. �And not all of us can afford a professional real estate agent to help sell our homes. �So, how do you get around this issue? �By learning all about what exactly turns buyers off. �Here are some factors that could potentially turn away a sale.


We�ve discussed before on this blog about how school districts make a huge difference when it comes to sales, especially now, near the very beginning of the school year. �This is the time when parents don�t want to move their kids to another school district. �Of course, you don�t always have control over which buyers have children that go to a certain school, but it�s something to keep in mind. �Also, is your home convenient? �Homes that are accessible via main roads are going to be more appealing.


Take a look at the crime statistics around where you live. �If there are high rates, you may want to consider getting an alarm system if you don�t already have one. �Alarm systems are proven to increase the value of homes, so it�s never a bad decision. �Buyers may feel uncomfortable with the surrounding area, but once they see your safe and secure home ready to go, they may warm up to the idea if they truly love the property.


Even if your home is worth it, if it�s surrounded by homes that are cheaper, buyers won�t be attracted to your home. �Price is what drives the market. �A value�s meaning is diminished if the neighborhood is less expensive, because buyers aren�t going to go for an expensive home in an area that doesn�t match that expense. �Consider this when you are listing your home.

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