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Common Maryland Real Estate Myths Debunked, Part 2

real estateWith an apparent wealth of information available on the internet, Maryland homeowners looking to sell a property for the first time can often drown in the deluge of conflicting advice and opinions. Selling your home is a huge financial decision, and here at The Team Edge we believe in keeping our clients as informed as possible. This week, we�re continuing our series on common real estate selling myths that Maryland homeowners should look out for.

Pass On The First Offer

Myth: Your first offer below asking price will always be absurdly low. Pass on the initial offer to get a sense of what people are willing to pay, and you�ll be able to negotiate the price up with future bidders. You won�t need to worry as much either because after an initial offer has been made, interest in your property will shoot up dramatically.

Truth: While first offers can often be far below your asking price, that�s just part of the nature of real estate. Many Maryland homeowners will reject these offers out of hand only to find the coming weeks devoid of any additional offers. �It�s important to give your first offer serious consideration and work to negotiate a better price. You can circumvent this by finding a Maryland real estate company that�s willing to buy your property quickly and has access to significant funds.

An Open House is Essential

Myth: If you want to sell your Maryland home then you�ve got to have an open house. Open houses significantly drum up interest because they flood your home with far more potential buyers, and more is always better, right?

Truth: Wrong. While open houses can drum up a lot of foot traffic, the vast majority of visitors will be purely window shopping. Without an easy way to separate the potentially serious from those who are just looking, open houses can become a waste of time and energy where your potential buyers are ignored amongst the torrent of window shoppers. Directly contacting a quality Maryland real estate company will put you immediately in touch with someone who has the capability to, and interest in, buying your house fast.

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